CIRSE supports IR in the Asia-Pacific

CIRSE was delighted to take part in the APCCVIR 2016, the premier IR event in the Asia-Pacific region, which took place in Suzhou on April 21-24. Not only was CIRSE represented with a conveniently located booth, but three distinguished members of the Executive Committee also got the chance to add their perspective on a variety of IR topics.

A special treat was the “APSCVIR meets CIRSE” session, where CIRSE President Elias Brountzos, Vice-President Robert Morgan and Past President Anna-Maria Belli addressed topics such as post-partum haemorrhage and EVAR in front of an attentive international audience.

The lively atmosphere at the congress and the accompanying social activities added to the impression that the IR community of the Asia-Pacific region is growing and asserting itself more and more. It was a pleasure for CIRSE to strengthen its ties with the APSCVIR, contribute to an exchange of knowledge and further the development of IR on a global scale.

The only thing left to say is 谢谢 – xièxie – thank you for the hospitality!


April 23, 13:30-15:00

CIRSE: a global voice for interventional radiology (E. Brountzos)
The role of IR in preventing post-partum haemorrhage (A. Belli)
The role of embolisation for the management of type 1 and type 2 endoleaks after EVAR (R. Morgan)
Carotid artery stents: an update on a controversial treatment (E. Brountzos)