ECIO 2017 – Charting the course of interventional oncology

Interventional oncology is evolving rapidly, continually exploring new territories and making exciting progress. Keeping abreast of these changes can be a challenge, but the annual European Conference on Interventional Oncology offers all oncology practitioners a comprehensive forum for education and exchange.

The upcoming congress will be held in Bilbao, Spain, and will once again cover a broad cross-section of clinical topics, ranging from well-established IO therapies, such as local ablation of HCC, to newer clinical areas, such as immunotherapy and genomics. You can find the full programme within this brochure, as well as information about important deadlines and key highlights.

Revisiting colorectal metastases
Following the warm reception of the extended focus on colorectal liver metastases in 2016, the 2017 programme will once again embrace this important theme, with several sessions examining different aspects of the disease: epidemiology, ESMO guidelines and available therapies; follow-up, quality and efficacy; and the current evidence, including results of the CLOCC and SIRFLOX trials, and discussions of what endpoints should be pursued. A special Multidisciplinary Tumour Board will also explore CRC metastases beyond the guidelines.

An emphasis on evidence
This data-based analysis will be a common strand throughout the congress, with a number of sessions committed to presenting and even questioning the current guidelines and evidence, such as the Best IO papers of 2016, which will see authors of the most influential clinical papers present their work and take questions. Another session will equip delegates with concrete information on how they can support data acquisition within IR.

Clinical involvement
To encourage more IOs to get involved in tumour boards and clinical management, ECIO 2017 will offer a number of useful sessions, including ones on tumour biology, how to get started in IO practice, general patient management, complication management and a morbidity and mortality conference.

And so much more...
The conference will of course be exploring new technologies and clinical applications, such as intra-tumoural viral therapy, intra-arterial immunotherapy, and new drugs for advanced HCC. Clinical fields such as breast, kidney, lung and MSK tumours will be thoroughly examined, while special "how I do it" lectures will guide novices through liver, lung, kidney and bone interventions.

Our destination
We are excited to be bringing ECIO to Spain for the first time, and have chosen the picturesque Basque city of Bilbao as our location. Located in the city’s former shipyard, our congress centre, the Euskalduna Complex, is a fine example of 21st century Bilbao architecture, and won the Enric Miralles award for architecture at the 6th Spanish Architecture Biennial in 2001.

Located in the city centre, and close to the international airport, the multi-purpose complex boasts a range of facilities, including excellent catering facilities that offer both cafeteria options and Michelin-star restaurants. The congress centre is within walking distance of the city’s hotels, but is also served by a rich network of buses, taxis and trams. It was voted the world’s best congress centre in 2003, and is sure to offer us all the facilities required to host another rich and multifaceted congress.

We hope you will enjoy browsing the scientific programme, and look forward to welcoming you to Bilbao!



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For additional information, please visit the official ECIO 2017 website