CIRSE European Research - a growing endeavour

One of CIRSE's main objectives is to give IR a European voice. Currently, CIRSE is focusing its European research efforts on the CIRSE Research Network, collaboration with the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR) and Horizon 2020, the new financial framework for research and innovation of the European Commission (EC).



CIRSE Research Network

On 21 November 2013, CIRSE officially launched the CIRSE Research Network. Connecting centres all over Europe, this network aims at increasing the overall positioning of interventional radiology and interventional oncology in patient care and research.

The Research Network will allow for faster and better matching of experts, centres and EU research openings, keeping members constantly informed about funding opportunities and policy developments with the CIRSE Research Network Newsletter. Members of the Research Network can benefit from EIBIR’s expertise and support when competing for European funding, increasing their chances of obtaining grants for clinical and preclinical research.

The CIRSE Research Network currently counts 224 Centres all over Europe. To join the Research Network please send an e-mail to the CIRSE Clinical Research Department at research@cirse.org, indicating your full name and (if available) your CIRSE Member ID. Please note that only Full CIRSE Members will be admitted to the Research Network. 



In 2010 CIRSE became a co-shareholder of the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR). This multidisciplinary institute connects leading scientists involved with medical imaging from all over Europe and is poised to present opportunities for innovative research projects. Services provided by EIBIR include: support in proposal writing, assistance in consortium building using the EIBIR Network and online access to the directory of the EIBIR Members’ Network.

Find out more about EIBIR on their website http://www.eibir.org


EIBIR Annual Report 2015






Horizon 2020 is the European Union's financial instrument for research and innovation, running from 2014 to 2020. With a budget of just over €70 billion, this programme will combine all research and innovation funding provided by the EU.

On October 13, 2015, the European Commission adopted the new Horizon 2020 work programme for 2016-17, investing almost €16 billion in research and innovation in this period under Horizon 2020. More information on the objectives of the programme can be found in the Commission's press release.

Calls are now open and accessible through the EC’s Participant Portal. Relevant calls for IRs can be found in the Horizon 2020 work programme for “Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing”. CIRSE encourages all Members to participate in these calls and to benefit from the support offered by EIBIR.

Horizon 2020 Milestones:

November 22, 2013 Call for individual expert evaluators - click here to apply
October 14, 2015 Publication of calls for 2016-17

For further information please contact the CIRSE Clinical Research Department at research@cirse.org.