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CIRSE 2014 Scientific Programme Committee

The Scientific Programme Committee is in charge of the scientific and educational programme of the annual CIRSE Congress.

Patrick Haage
Christoph Binkert
Deputy Chairperson                                                  
Anna-Maria Belli
Thierry de Baere
Raman Uberoi
Mario Bezzi
Saruhan Cekirge  
Afshin Gangi
Alexis Kelekis
Antonin Krajina
Riccardo Lencioni
Olivier Pellerin
Otto van Delden                


The Foundation ESIR Programme Committee

The ESIR Programme Committee is in charge of the annual ESIR course programme.

Michael Lee
Christoph Binkert
Vascular IR
Afshin Gangi
Non-Vascular IR
Tarun Sabharwal
Interventional Oncology
Anthony Watkinson      

The Foundation Board of Trustees

The Foundation Board of Trustees shall supervise the activities of the Foundation ESIR Programme Committee and shall receive an annual report about the activities of the CIRSE Foundation.
Rolf W. Günther    
Andreas Adam
Johannes Lammer
Jan H. Peregrin
Jim A. Reekers
Michael Lee                

The Honours Committee

The Honours Committee shall make nominations to the CIRSE Executive Committee regarding potential recipients of Distinguished Fellowship and the CIRSE Gold Medal.

David J. Allison
Andreas Adam
Johannes Lammer
Jim A. Reekers  

The EBIR Council

The EBIR Council is in charge of organising the European Board of Interventional Radiology. 

Klaus A. Hausegger              
Otto van Delden Deputy Chairperson
Written Examination
Peter Reimer
Head of Written Examination
James Burnes
Laura Crocetti
Gerard Goh
Gabriel Lau  
Colin Nice  
Gerard O'Sullivan  
Thomas Roeren  
Ken Thomson  
Oral Examination  
Antonin Krajina
Head of Oral Examination
Tim Buckenham    
William Clark  
Fabrizio Fanelli  
Joachim Kettenbach  
Stuart Lyon  
Geert A. Maleux  
Josef Tacke   
Raman Uberoi  
Anthony Watkinson  


The Media Committee

The Media Committee oversees the production of promotional material, such as the videos and externally commissioned newspaper articles.

Robert Morgan
Christoph Binkert
Afshin Gangi


CIRSE 2014 Local Host Committee

Jon Moss                       Co-Chairperson    
Raman Uberoi Co-Chairperson                                                  
Ralph Jackson  
Anthony Watkinson  
Trevor Cleveland  
Nicholas Chalmers  
Duncan Ettles  
Tarun Sabharwal  
Sam Chakraverty  
Prem Patel  
Abdul Waduud  
Andy Christie  
Iain Robertson