The European Trainee Forum

To make sure IR will continue its success story in the next decades CIRSE has developed a comprehensive strategy to engage medical students and IRs in training and to secure a steady stream of fresh minds into the discipline.

Once undergraduate medical students have made the decision to train in interventional radiology, they must undergo several years of medical training. In order to better support these doctors on their way to becoming full medical professionals and to supplement other educational activities, CIRSE has launched the European Trainee Forum (ETF). Its purpose is to enhance the participation of young physicians in international scientific and educational activities and to create a space within CIRSE to further their careers through networking opportunities. Also, the Forum aims to increase CIRSE’s understanding of national differences and particularities in IR training to deliver effective support for anyone on their way to becoming part of the IR community.

The Forum was officially formed as a subcommittee in 2015. It takes a cooperative and inclusive approach, encouraging participation from all IRs in training or at the beginning of their career. Among others the ETF is working toward offering special sessions tailored to the needs and interests of young IRs and those in training, focussing especially on enhanced international cooperation and networking as well as encouraging young IRs to play an active role in European research projects. For the first session at CIRSE 2016 several experienced IR practitioners provided an insight in to the discipline.

The ETF is involved with the CIRSE Student Programme to further its impact and help increase the number of European medical students that opt for a career in interventional radiology. A further goal of the ETF is to make IR a more attractive choice for female medical students, who are unfortunately still somewhat underrepresented.

With the establishment of the European Trainee Forum, CIRSE aims to increase its support for the next generation of interventional radiologists, ensuring the future of IR as a discipline. The ETF is set to become a driving force in CIRSE over the next few years and openly encourages input and ideas by all young CIRSE Members with regards to all issues and concerns facing young interventional radiologists and those still in training.