Call for Proposals and Nomination - Chairpersons and Members of CIRSE Standing Committees

 CIRSE invites all eligible members who wish to stand for office to nominate themselves for one of the following positions:

  • the Chairperson of the Membership Committee;
  • the Chairperson of the Standards of Practice Committee;
  • the Chairperson of the Research Committee;
  • Member of the Membership Committee;
  • Member of the Standards of Practice Committee;
  • Member of the Research Committee.

Deadline for submitting proposals is Monday, March 13, 2017. Any submission beyond that deadline will not be considered. The names of the candidates will be submitted to the Members for election by electronic voting and will be announced on the CIRSE Website on Monday, May 29, 2017 at the latest.

The electronic voting period has been fixed for June 12-23, 2017. All Elective Members in good standing will be entitled to vote.

How to apply?

All members who are interested in applying for the elections are invited to submit their application detailing:

  • The position for which they would like to apply (only one position may be applied for);
  • A letter of motivation of no more than 100 words;
  • A curriculum vitae of no more than 200 words;
  • A picture of themselves as a jpg file;
  • The signed acknowledgement of the Eligibility Requirements.

All material must be sent to the CIRSE Central Office at election@cirse.org within the respective deadlines. Applicants should contact the CIRSE Office if they have not received a written confirmation of receipt within 4 working days from sending their application. Please note that without a written confirmation of receipt, your application is deemed invalid.

Please log into your members’ lounge of the CIRSE website to download the Rules of Procedure for the Election of Officers to the CIRSE Standing Committees and other documentation. 

For further information about the elections please contact the CIRSE Office.