Hands-on Device Training

The Hands-on Device Training (HDT) sessions aim to provide an overview of the different devices and techniques available for specific topics as well as to allow hands-on experience for the participants.

After a short kick-off presentation by the HDT co-ordinators, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the specifics as well as safe and effective use of the available technology in an interactive setting.

Each HDT will feature a round-table discussion with the co-ordinators at the end of the session, allowing participants time to ask questions and provide feedback.

This year's training sessions will provide an overview of the different devices and techniques available for the following topics:

A closer look at closure devices
Central lines and ports
Embolisation: materials and tools
Peripheral mechanical thrombectomy
Stroke thrombectomy
Tumour ablation
Varicose veins
Vertebral augmentation


All Hands-on Device Training sessions will be linked to a workshop in the regular lecture programme, allowing delegates to familiarise themselves with the theoretical information and scientific aspects of a specific topic. Corresponding sessions are mentioned on the following pages below each HDT.


Pre-registration is required for all Hands-on Device Training sessions (at no extra cost). Please click the appropriate boxes during your registration process for CIRSE 2017. If you are already registered for CIRSE 2017, just log in to your account to sign up for a training session.

In order to give other delegates the chance to register, we would also ask that you do not book more than three HDT training courses.