IR Trainees at CIRSE 2017

This year, the CIRSE Annual Meeting will feature special ETF programmes including:

IR Trainee Session: Building an IR career
Tuesday, September 19; 8:30-9:30
• Welcome and Introduction to ETF
• Developing your academic career as an IR
• Publishing and CVIR
• The EBIR Exam
• Establishing private clinics and clinical entrepreneurship

IR Trainee Session: Future IR technologies
Saturday, September 16; 17:30-18:30
• The state of the art and future of interventional oncology
• Reliability in Percutaneous Tumour Ablation – Fusion, Stereotaxy and
• Future technologies in endovascular interventions
• Simulator Training: Potentials and Limitations
• Big data, AI and machine learning

The full CIRSE 2017 Programme can be found here.

ETF Pavilion
A designated space to meet, mingle, network, and listen to short talks relevant to young IRs.

ETF Quiz
Take part in friendly rivalry with your peers to test your IR knowledge.