Japanese Society of Interventional Radiology (JSIR) becomes Corresponding CIRSE Group Member

On the occasion of ECIO 2017, JSIR and CIRSE signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) confirming JSIR’s corresponding group membership with CIRSE as of 2018. Aiming to strengthen the societies’ close relationship even further and facilitate future cooperation, the MoU covers several key areas of collaboration.

For years Japan has been among the strongest countries in abstract submission and attendance at the CIRSE meetings. The signed MoU aims to further increase this by enhancing the representation of Japanese IRs among the faculty of CIRSE organised congresses. CIRSE and JSIR will furthermore work to establish programmes enabling young Japanese IRs to attend CIRSE congresses.

Another big advantage for JSIR members joining CIRSE through group membership will be free access to ESIRonline, giving them the opportunity to access the world’s biggest IR learning tool including all sessions from previous CIRSE congresses free of charge.

CIRSE and JSIR will also further strengthen their collaboration on CVIR, the two societies’ official journal. Their joint efforts will include strong representation of JSIR members on the Editorial Board and among the CVIR reviewers as well as JSIR’s promotion of manuscript submissions by Japanese IRs. JSIR members will receive full text access to the journal in the form of an online subscription.

Last but certainly not least CIRSE and JSIR will increase their efforts to collaborate in research activities, meeting regularly to exchange information about planned activities.

Future cooperation between the societies might include drawing up of guidelines, certification initiatives and working together on advocacy and patient information. 

CIRSE Board Member Afshin Gangi and long-time JSIR President Yasuaki Arai with the signed memorandum