Clinical Practice Manual

As part of CIRSE’s efforts to support interventional radiologists in shifting from providing a technical service to taking full charge of the clinical care of their patients, the CIRSE Clinical Practice Task Force has published a manual on clinical practice. Its purpose is to help IRs promote themselves directly to referring physicians as specialists in assessing and treating organ systems or diseases. A copy of the CIRSE Clinical Practice Manual has recently been sent to all CIRSE members. Non-members may purchase the manual for €120.

    Clinical Practice Manual (PDF download 2.02 MB)

Authors: Trevor J. Cleveland, Alexis D. Kelekis, Christoph Kopp, Thomas Kröncke, Johannes Lammer, Manuel Maynar, Lorenzo Monfardini, Robert A. Morgan, Victoria Norton, Franco Orsi, Gerard J. O'Sullivan, Julio Palmero da Cruz, Siegfried A. Thurnher, Dimitrios Tsetis, Raman Uberoi.

The forms contained in the appendix of the manual are available here as a seperate pdf document.