General Information

The examination consists of a written and an oral component.

  Oral Examination Written Examination
Duration 100 minutes 120 minutes
Language English English

10 stations

  • 1 case per station
  • 10 minutes per case
  • Interpretation of radiology images
  • Discussion of the case
  • Aspects: e.g. diagnosis, procedural details, equipment selection, outcomes, safety, potential complications, etc.

60 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  • Single best answer format (question poses 4 alternate answers of which the candidate must choose the best one)
  • Each question is allocated equal marks
  • No negative marking

Well-trained examiners (IRs)

At times, the examination may be observed by a secondary examiner in training.

Professional supervisors


All curricular items as per the European Curriculum and Syllabus for Interventional Radiology Second Edition; an even distribution of topics provides for an examination of the whole spectrum of the curriculum and syllabus.

Each assessment is mapped to an assessment blueprint derived from the curriculum and syllabus.

Participants The 2018 EBIR examinations will accommodate 30 candidates each (25 places for candidates with European residency / 5 places for candidates with non-European residency).



Upcoming Examination Dates


Results will be communicated to candidates no earlier than 8 weeks after the examination. Successful candidates will be awarded a formal certificate, which will be sent by post. Successful candidates may add EBIR (European Board of Interventional Radiology) to their post-nominal qualifications.

Candidates who have not passed the examination can apply to resit the exam. A maximum of four attempts within 3 years is permitted per candidate. Those applying for a repeat exam must resubmit all required documents and complete the payment as before. A transfer of the previous examination fee is not possible.

Marks and Standards

Please find more details on the assessment, feedback, etc. in the Marks & Standards Document.

The EBIR Examinations Team relies on Speedwell Examination Software for the creation, storage and data evaluation of the EBIR examinations.

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