ECIO Proceedings 2010

Interventional oncology has been one of the fastest growing medical specialties in the last 5 years, and the phenomenal research that is being carried out is set to widen its scope and prominence even further. 'Essentials in Interventional Oncology' gives a contemporary overview of this cutting-edge research. Contributions from experts in the field have been carefully assembled and thematically ordered to provide a comprehensive reference book detailing recent breakthroughs in minimally invasive image-guided cancer therapy. This is the first edition of what is to be a living document - progress in this field is so rapid and impressive that this book is the first in a series that will trace the interventional advances being made in oncology, and will be renewed and updated on a biennial basis.

    Table of contents (PDF download 1.46 MB)

Editors: José Ignacio Bilbao, Riccardo Lencioni, Jim A. Reekers.

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