Member Surveys

To better understand current trends and challenges in the field of interventional radiology, CIRSE regularly conducts surveys among its Membership. CIRSE would like to thank all Members that took the time to fill out a questionnaire for their contribution. The below represents the cumulative results of your input.

Should you want to make use of any of the information presented below, kindly contact our Clinical Research Department (research@cirse.org):


CIRSE Student Survey (2012)

Following the Annual Congress 2012, CIRSE conducted a survey in order to assess the impact of the 2012 CIRSE student programme in terms of improving attendants’ knowledge of interventional radiology (IR), its effect on students' perception of IR as a career choice, overall satisfaction with the programme and likelihood that students would recommend the programme to others (net promoter score). A total of 101 unique responses were received.  

MethodsAn anonymous online survey was distributed to student programme participants immediately after the congress. Data was collected for 2 weeks and analysed statistically.

ResultsResults suggest that the programme is performing very well. 94% of students were able to improve their knowledge of IR, 92% felt the programme affected the way they think of IR as a career positively, 96% were generally satisfied with the programme and an excellent net promoter score of 69 was measured. 





CIRSE 2012 Student Survey_Research Report (PDF Download)


CVIR Reader Satisfaction Survey (2011)

The CVIR Reader Satisfaction Survey was launched in 2011 to evaluate the satisfaction of CVIR readers with the content, the reputation and the submission process of CVIR, to quantify readership demographics as well as explore drivers and limiters to readers’ willingness to submit a manuscript to a journal. 264 responses were collected in total. 

Methods: An anonymous online survey was distributed to CIRSE Members, splitting respondents into submitters (57%) and non-submitters. Data was collected for 4 weeks.

ResultsOverall satisfaction was found to be high: 94% of respondents were satisfied with the content and 81% by the reputation of the journal. The impact factor was found to be the most important factor when choosing a journal to submit to and slow reviewing/publishing time the most discouraging. 





CVIR Reader Satisfaction Survey_Research Report (PDF download)


Renal Denervation in Europe (2013)

In spring 2013, CIRSE launched a survey to gain an understanding of how IRs are embracing this nascent procedure and how many Members were currently performing renal artery denervation. The survey was offered in five languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) and 422 responses were collected in total.  

Methods: An anonymous online survey was distributed to Full CIRSE Members, splitting respondents into performers (28.7%) and non-performers (71.3%). Data was collected for 5 weeks.

Results: Procedure volumes remained relatively low, 90.1% of performers stated that they performed between 1 and 20 renal denervations per year, and only 1.7% performed more than 50 denervations annually. At the time of questioning, 75.2% of responders expected the number of procedures to grow in the future, and 62.8% of non-performers believed that they would perform renal denervation in the future.





Renal Denervation in Europe_Research Report (PDF download)


For further information or any questions you may have, please contact the CIRSE Clinical Research Department at research@cirse.org.