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The CIRSE Library (replacing ESIRonline) is the new online resource for all CIRSE’s congress recordings (webcasts, posters, presentations from CIRSE, ECIO, GEST Europe/ET and IROS events) since 2014.

CIRSE members benefit from this special service:

  • More than 6,000 posters and lectures recorded at congresses
  • HD quality webcasts with speaker video
  • Label for EBIR preparation recommendations
  • New layout for Topic Packages
  • Regularly updated and curated

Search across the entire archive, within a congress series or single event – the search function and filters have been improved to ensure you find the most significant results - also the text on the slides can be searched!

Not a CIRSE member? 
For a limited time only, access to the CIRSE Library is open until after CIRSE 2018!

Make use of this special service at library.cirse.org and explore the most extensive online educational resource in interventional radiology!