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The CIRSE Annual Meeting has become the number one platform for minimally invasive image-guided procedures worldwide. Every year, corporate key players in the field choose CIRSE to launch their innovative new products. Please find below information of this year’s product launches.

Please note that the information has been provided by the corporate partners and does not reflect the opinion of CIRSE nor does it engage our responsibility. CIRSE is not responsible for the published content or content published on any third party website.


Gangi-SoftGuard® coaxial biopsy needle

AprioMed introduces Gangi-SoftGuard® coaxial biopsy needle. Gangi-SoftGuard® combines the well-known technique of a coaxial biopsy needle with an all new spring loaded blunt tip stylet providing extra control and safety during soft tissue biopsy. The spring loaded blunt tip stylet:
• Reduces risk of inadvertent perforation of adjacent tissue during coaxial needle advancement
• Provides visual feedback during procedure
• Offers tactile response during procedure
• Enables penetration without exchange of stylets

Gangi-SoftGuard® is available in four gauges (12G, 13G, 15G, 17G) and three lengths (7.1 cm, 12.1 cm, 17.1 cm) to better suite the requirements for your biopsy procedure.

We look forward to meeting you at Booth 79.

VascuFlex® Multi-LOC: Spot Stenting to undress the full metal jacket!
Spot stenting with VascuFlex® Multi-LOC enables the operator to use up to six individual stents on one delivery system to treat complex and long lesions in the femoropopliteal region. It is indicated for flow-limiting dissections or flaps and segments with elastic recoil due to calcification or scar tissue after previous interventions. VascuFlex® Multi-LOC reduces the mass of foreign body implants and the  associated trauma due to chronic outward force by ongoing radial expansion. It reduces also the negative influence of metal implants on high-movement arterial segments, addressing the biggest demand of the interventional community: to leave nothing or as little as possible behind!
VascuFlex® Multi-LOC is available with six individual stents on one delivery system. Each Nitinol stent has a closed cell design, a length of 13 mm and a tantalum marker at the proximal end of each stent. The system is available with diameters starting from 5mm to 8mm. Operators are able to cover very long SFA lesions with less material instead of covering the whole segment with a full metal jacket. The preliminary data of the LOCOMOTIVE All Comers Study with the first 75 patients (aged 72.9 ±; 51.1% TASC class C/D, 14.5 ± 9 cm mean lesion length) showed promising results.After six months, the TLR rate was 5.3% with a primary patency of 90%.1  Additional studies investigating the combination of DCB angioplasty with optional spot stenting utilizing the SeQuent® Please OTW DCB and VascuFlex® Multi-LOC are in progress. 
1Amendt K oral presentation at CX 2017
Radically change the way you train for advanced embolization procedures through simulation-based training.

At CIRSE 2017, Mentice is showcasing ground-breaking training solutions for Transarterial Chemoembolization (TACE) and Prostatic Artery Embolization (PAE) – with the aim of reducing the learning curve, leading to the faster adoption of these procedures.
Transarterial Chemoembolization
Train different techniques and treatment strategies for complex liver embolization in one training solution.
  • Treatment strategies: TAE, cTACE, B-TACE, DEB-TACE, Y-90
  • Challenging scenarios including management of venous shunts
  • Understanding the blood supply of HCC and colorectal metastasis
  • Detailed guidance during cases
Prostatic Artery Embolization
Experience the world’s first prostate embolization simulation training software – developed in collaboration with Dr. Sapoval and Dr. Bhatia.
  • Understand the angiographic anatomy of the internal iliac artery
  • Identify the prostatic artery
  • Catheterization of the prostatic artery
  • Avoid non-target embolization

Find us in the Radiation Protection Pavilion.

With Azurion, performance and superior care become one.
Philips Azurion is the new-generation image guided therapy platform that allows you to easily
and confidently perform procedures with a unique user experience, helping you optimize your lab
performance and provide superior care. Azurion has been developed over a number of years in
close collaboration with our clinical partners to ensure workflow solutions that meet the continuing
demands of the interventional lab.
We support you in delivering outstanding patient care by uniting clinical excellence with workflow
innovation. Azurion has been designed to help you make efficient use of your time with:
• Instant Parallel Working: interventional team members can work in parallel at flexible workspots
without interrupting each other. This can lead to higher throughput and faster exam turnover
• Flexible workspots allow you to access and control multimodality information from any workspot,
which helps improve efficiency and reduce delays
• ProcedureCards: with one click you can select exam presets to accelerate and standardize
The highly intuitive usability of Azurion supports you in quickly and confidently performing a range
of procedures. With this new future proof platform you can deliver outstanding care and grow your
service line over time.
Experience Azurion at Philips booth #XXXX
Concerto™ 3D Detachable Coil System

Your trusted coil comes with a new shape
The Concerto™ family of embolization coils is now expanded with a new conformable 3D shape that is designed to create a complex frame for filling target vessels.

Precision and control
Concerto™ 3D coil is equipped with a mechanical detachment system that offers a greater range of motion between pusher and coil. This system provides reliable delivery and detachment and allows the coil to be fully resheathed and easily repositioned.

All Concerto™ 3D coils feature PGLA fibers that studies have shown to reduce flow rates by >30% compared to bare metal equivalents2 and this has shown to improve overall thrombogenic response1.

Visit the Medtronic Learning Centre to learn more about Concerto™ 3D coil and the MVP™ micro vascular plug and experience them hands on with our flow model.

Girdhar G, Read M, Sohn J, Shah C, Shrivastava S. In-vitro thrombogenicity assessment of polymer filament modified and native platinum embolic coils. Journal of the Neurological Sciences. 2014;339(1-2):97-101. doi:10.1016/j.jns.2014.01.030.
2 Data on file



MVP™ Micro Vascular Plug System

A unique design
The MVP™ micro vascular plug system is designed to occlude vessels in the peripheral vasculature quickly and predictably. It is a self-expanding vessel occlusion device comprised of a nitinol frame, secured at both ends with platinum marker bands and partially covered with a PTFE membrane. All MVP™ plug devices are fully re-sheathable to facilitate accurate placement.

Now available in four sizes
MVP™ plug now comes in four sizes, the latest addition being the MVP™ 9 plug which allows to occlude vessels of up to 9 mm in diameter. On the other end of the spectrum, the smaller versions of MVP™ plug can be delivered by a microcatheter, which enables super selective treatment of distal vessels down to only 1.5 mm in diameter. Visit the Medtronic Learning Centre to learn more about the MVP™ plug and our new Concerto™ 3D coil, and experience them hands on with our flow model.


Angio-Seal™, Now by Terumo.
Terumo offers intervention in all dimensions: from access to closure.
The Angio-SealTM vascular closure device uses three bioabsorbable components to actively seal the arteriotomy. The bioabsorbable anchor, suture and collagen provide dual security.1-3
• The anchor fits closely against the arterial wall, leaving blood flow undisturbed with no residual stenosis4 
• The collagen sponge is designed to conform to the arteriotomy for confident closure
• The suture tethers the anchor and collagen together, providing a secure seal 
The active closure anchor gives you the inside advantage for successful hemostasis.1-3
The Angio-SealTM portfolio includes three different platforms: Angio-SealTM STSPlus, Angio-SealTM VIP and Angio-SealTM Evolution.
1 Applegate RJ, et al. The Angio-Seal Evolution Registry: outcomes of a novel automated Angio-Seal vascular closure device.
J Invasive Cardiol. 2010;22(9):420-6.
2 Kussmaul WG, et al. Rapid arterial hemostasis and decreased access site complications after cardiac catheterization and angioplasty: Results of a randomized trial of a novel hemostatic device. JACC. 1995;25(7):1685-92.
3 Angio-Seal Instructions for Use. 
4 Tellez A, et al. In vivo intravascular ultrasound analysis of the absorption rate of the Angio-Seal vascular closure device in the porcine femoral artery. EuroInterv. 2010;5(6):731-6.
AZUR® CX 2mm/3mm
AZUR® CX 2mm/3mm Peripheral Coil System introduces a new and unique concept: the first and only peripheral HydroCoil with crosssectional coverage and the benefits of patented hydrogel technology, allowing easy control in small vessels.
By matching the Progreat 2.0 with AZUR CX 2mm/3mm, the Terumo peripheral coiling solution offers interventional radiologists the precision of neuroradiology procedures in peripheral small vessels.
Crosperio® RX
Crosperio RX is a 0.014" Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty (PTA) balloon dilatation catheter for peripheral indications. With the launch of Crosperio RX, Terumo brings now to you a full range of PTA balloon dilatation portfolio.
• Stiff core wire provides better pushability1 to reach and cross very distal target lesions 
• Very small balloon profile1 and hydrophilic coating facilitates successful lesion access and crossing for below-the-knee and below-theankle interventions
1 Tested against selected RX competitors. Data on file.
Terumo Corporation-CROSPERIORX Product Information.
Crosstella® OTW​
Crosstella OTW is a 0.018” Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty (PTA) balloon dilatation catheter for peripheral indications. With the launch of Crosstella OTW, Terumo brings now to you a full range of PTA balloon dilatation portfolio. 
• Small balloon profile provides a successful crossability of the lesion1
• Dedicated shaft balance offering an impressive pushability and trackability1
• Wide size mix with diameters 2.0 – 6.0 mm and lengths 20 – 200 mm, allowing optimal choice of balloon for your lower limb procedures
1 Data on file. Terumo Corporation – CROSSTELLA OTW_18_Product Information_V1
FemoSeal™, Now by Terumo.
Terumo offers intervention in all dimensions: from access to closure.The FemoSeal™ vascular closure device uses three bioabsorbable components to actively seal the arteriotomy:
Two bioabsorbable polymer discs:
• An inner disc deployed intra-arterially
• An outer locking disc deployed on the outer wall of the artery
Hemostasis is achieved by sealing the arteriotomy between the two discs, which are held together by bioabsorbable sutures complete with friction lock  
Fast, effective, easy to use
• Instant hemostasis with an easy to use deployment system
Fully bioabsorbable
• All components of FemoSeal vascular closure device are fully bioabsorbable: two polymer discs held together by a suture 
Rapid hemostasis and early ambulation
• Designed to achieve effective and instant hemostasis. Sealing femoral artery punctures following catheterization procedures promotes rapid ambulation with low vascular complication rates.1
• The median Time To Hemostasis (TTH) is 1 minute.2
1 SCAAR Registry 2009.
2 Schulz-Schupke S., et al. Comparison of Vascular Closure Devices vs Manual Compression After Femoral Artery Puncture The ISARCLOSURE Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA. 2014;312(19):1981-7.
QuiremSpheres® microspheres are the next generation microspheres for SIRT treatment of advanced unresectable liver tumors. QuiremSpheres® is the first and only commercially available SIRT solution based on the isotope holmium-166.
The mode of action of QuiremSpheres® is the same as for yttrium-based microspheres: beta radiation kills tumor cells from close range. However, QuiremSpheres® have the unique ability to be visualized with SPECT and MR imaging in low concentrations. Q-suite™ is a CE-marked proprietary software tool to convert quantitative SPECT and MR image datasets of
QuiremSpheres® microspheres into 3D dose distributions. The 3D dose distributions may be used for image-based dosimetric verification of dose-to-tumor and dose-to-tissue after the QuiremSpheres® SIRT procedure. Dosimetry is key to better understand the efficacy of radioembolization and potentially improve the therapy application.
With QuiremSpheres® you treat what you see and see what you treat. QuiremSpheres® and Q-suiteTM have CE-mark. QuiremSpheres® and Q-SuiteTM are not available for sale in all countries. This information is provided only in respect to markets where both products are approved or cleared.
QuiremSpheres® and Q-SuiteTM are not FDA leared in the US for sale. QuiremSpheres® and Q-SuiteTM are not approved in Canada.

The Next Evolution for TIPS

GORE® VIATORR® TIPS Endoprosthesis with Controlled Expansion
• Lasting Diameter Control
-    Control the diameter to reach a targeted portal pressure gradient.
-    Size and set the diameter to stay.1
• Single Device
-    Select from a range of diameters2 during implantation.

• Performance
-    Count on advanced performance that combines a legacy of proven patency3 with diameter control.

1. Based on benchtop data on file. Less than 0.25 mm increase in diameter (diameter expansion) demonstrated by a simulated 10 year period at physiologic portal pressures.
2. Labeled diameter range is between 8–10 mm.
3. Based on GORE® VIATORR® TIPS Endoprosthesis: Bureau C, Pagan JCG, Layrargues GP, et al. Patency of stents covered with polytetrafluoroethylene in patients treated by transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts: long term results of a randomized multicentre study. Liver International 2007;27(6):742-747.

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