CVIR Endovascular - New multidisciplinary journal of CIRSE

First articles are now online! Read them here https://bit.ly/2KsF4hb

As the endovascular world of medicine is still growing very rapidly, CIRSE has decided to launch a new journal - CVIR Endovascular, the first multidisciplinary open access journal on endovascular treatment of its kind.

The journal is an online open access publication and features an open peer-review model.

CVIR Endovascular welcomes manuscripts in the following areas:

  • Venous and arterial interventions
  • Vascular malformations
  • Non-oncological embolisation
  • Peripheral vascular interventions
  • Aortic interventions
  • Emergency medicine and
  • Carotid interventions

CVIR Endovascular will publish the following article types:

  • Case report
  • New technologies
  • Original article
  • Review article
  • Study protocol
  • Short communication
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Editorial

CVIR Endovascular is open for submissions.

Read the submission guidelines here:


CVIR Endovascular's manuscript submission website:



"CVIR Endovascular is intended for all specialists working in the field of endovascular treatment. I believe the new journal will cater to the number of important endovascular papers and research that are going unnoticed through a lack of publication possibilities."

Jim A. Reekers
CVIR Endovascular Editor-in-Chief


Here are some facts about CVIR Endovascular:

Open Access

Publishing open access means that your research will reach more audience.
As an open access journal, CVIR Endovascular, will make its publications freely available online immediately upon publication. To publish open access, authors will be asked to pay a publication fee, so called Article Processing Charges (APCs), which will be levied after an article has been accepted and prior to publication. APCs cover the costs of the entire publication process; peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining and archiving. Additionally it allows free, immediate and permanent access to the full research work published.

Open Access Funding 

There are many options to cover APCs when publishing open access. CVIR Endovascular and Springer are able to give waivers for certain publications. Click here to explore funding options.

Open Peer-Review

We have chosen a new peer-review style: open peer-review model. During the review process, the author and the reviewer are aware of each other's identity and engage in discussion during the review process. After a paper has been accepted for publication, all review comments will be published together with the article and displayed for everyone to read and comment on.

Visit www.cvirendovascular.org for more information on how and where to submit your paper.

For any journal-related inquiries, please contact info@cvirendovascular.org.