Amazing Interventions

During this session, acclaimed experts in interventional radiology will talk about their most unusual and challenging procedures.

The emphasis will be to highlight innovative ways in which interventional radiologists can solve difficult problems and overcome tough situations. The session aims to be both educational and entertaining.

Sunday, September 23

AI 1406 Amazing Interventions
  Coordinator: C.A. Binkert (Winterthur/CH)
  Case presenters:
K.N. Katsanos (Patras/GR)
A. Krajina (Hradec Králové/CZ)
T.J. Kroencke (Augsburg/DE)

M. Mizandari (Tbilisi/GE)
G. Puippe (Zurich/CH)
S.O. Trerotola (Philadelphia, PA/US)


The Amazing Interventions panel from CIRSE 2017.