Film Interpretation Quiz

The Film Interpretation Quiz is one of CIRSE’s most popular sessions and will consist of two teams who will compete against each other.

The teams will be given cases to diagnose and suggest treatment. One of the principle aims of the film panel is to demonstrate the approach an expert takes towards the solution of a diagnostic/therapeutic problem. This will be undertaken in an entertaining fashion and is not to be missed. The process will be a team effort.

Monday, September 24

FIQ 2101 Film Interpretation Quiz
  Coordinators: I.J. McCafferty (Birmingham/UK), O.M. van Delden (Amsterdam/NL)

Team 1:
P. Almeida (Viseu/PT)
E. Kashef (London/UK)
T. Helmberger (Munich/DE)
C. Sofocleous 
(New York,NY/US)


Team 2:
J.-P. Pelage (Caen/FR)

Y. Arai (Tokyo/JP)
F. Orsi (Milan/IT)
M. Tsitskari (Athens/GR)



Film interpretation quiz masters Dr. Buy and Dr. McCafferty at CIRSE 2017 in Copenhagen/DK.