Hot Topic Symposia

The Hot Topic Symposia address controversial IR topics in the setting of a plenary session.

Invited speakers will give brief lectures on important aspects of the subject under discussion.
A major feature of these sessions will be a round-table discussion involving the speakers and the audience.

Sunday, September 23

HTS 1302 Transradial access
1302.1 History and rationale for transradial access
  P.M.M. Lopes (Porto/PT)
1302.2 Transradial access for embolisation
  D.K. Tsetis (Iraklion/GR)
1302.3 Transradial access for PAD
  D. Klass (Vancouver, BC/CA)
1302.4 Debate: We should all move to transradial access
  A. Buecker (Homburg/DE)
1302.5 Debate: Transradial access is a waste of time and effort
  E. Brountzos (Athens/GR)

Monday, September 24

HTS 2102 Embolisation for trauma
2102.1 Splenic embolisation
  C. Scheurig-Muenkler (Augsburg/DE)
2102.2 Liver embolisation
  M. Citone (Florence/IT)
2102.3 Pelvic fracture embolisation 
  D. Karnabatidis (Patras/GR)
2102.4 Renal embolisation
  G.P. Siskin (Albany, NY/US)