Women in IR

Despite the fact that women now form the majority of graduates from medical schools in Europe, only 10% of IRs are women.

Following on from last year's successful session, this year's session will continue to highlight issues important to the promotion of women in IR.

The aims of this session are:
1. Understanding whether lack of women in IR leadership roles has an adverse effect on recruitment of women to IR
2. Understanding  why women may not consider leasership roles
3. Identifying strategies to promote women in IR

Saturday, September 22

WIR 305 Women in IR: The IR gender gap 2
  Moderator: A.-M. Belli (London/UK)
 305.1 Updates of issues - where we are now!
  A.-M. Belli (London/UK)
 305.2 The importance of role models in IR
  A. Parthipun (London/UK)
 305.3 The Imposter Syndrome
  T.M. Wah (Leeds/UK)
 305.4 EBIR
  O.M. van Delden (Amsterdam/NL)
 305.5 Women in IR - US approach
  B. Hamilton (Palm Springs, CA/US)

Round table
Panellists: M. Kohi (San Francisco, CA/US),
A. Parthipun (London/UK)
O.M. van Delden (Amsterdam/NL),
T.M. Wah (Leeds/UK)

  Summing up and action points
A.-M. Belli (London/UK)