ET 2019 - European Conference on Embolotherapy

Embolotherapy has become an indispensable treatment for a variety of conditions and an integral part of interventional radiology practice. It is therefore more important than ever for interventional radiologists to master embolisation procedures in its numerous applications, such as trauma management, vascular and lymphatic malformations, GI haemorrhage, UFE, PAE, TACE and many more. The constant development of new procedures shows the dynamic nature of this IR application, which will certainly continue to thrive in the years to come.

Between 2009 and 2017 CIRSE organised the biennial GEST Europe Meeting in cooperation with GEST. This partnership contract is now coming to an end and both parties have agreed to establish annual meetings on both sides of the Atlantic from 2019 onwards. In the USA this will be the GEST congress, organised by Jafar Golzarian and Marc Sapoval, and in Europe this will be a new conference: ET – European Conference on Embolotherapy organised by CIRSE.

We believe that this annual meeting will perfectly complement our existing education portfolio, in addition to our dedicated embolisation track at the CIRSE Annual Meeting and the ESIR hands-on procedure courses.

ET - European Conference on Embolotherapy will have its debut on June 26-29, 2019 in Valencia, Spain. The programme committee met in June and the programme for ET 2019 will be published soon.

We would like to wish the GEST organisers all the best for their meeting in the USA and plan to cooperate with them in promoting both important meetings in the years to come.

CIRSE is very much looking forward to further strengthening embolisation education and support its development as an integral part of interventional radiology practice.

We therefore warmly invite all CIRSE members, colleagues, friends and corporate partners to embrace this new CIRSE conference and join us for ET 2019 in Valencia.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Christoph A. Binkert
Programme Committee Chairperson

Patrick Haage
Programme Committee Deputy Chairperson


For additional information, please visit the official ET 2019 website

ET 2019