Educational Grants

The way physicians can receive financial aid to attend medical congresses has changed significantly since the beginning of 2018 due to changes to the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice.

What is MedTech and what is the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice?

The members of MedTech, an association of European medical device companies, have recently agreed to adhere to a self-imposed Code of Ethical Business Practice. Due to this self-regulating guideline which does not supersede European or national law, MedTech member companies are no longer providing direct funding to healthcare professionals (HCPs) to attend third party organised medical conferences and meetings.

Please visit www.medtecheurope.org for further information.

How can I receive travel support to attend CIRSE 2018?

According to the new MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice it is still possible to receive support to attend CIRSE congresses. MedTech member companies may provide restricted Educational Grants for the advancement of genuine medical education. “Restricted” in this context means that member companies shall specify the intended purpose of the educational grant in the grant agreement. A member company shall also ensure that the educational grant agreement with the recipient organisation includes rights to enable it to verify that the grant is in fact used for the agreed intended purpose. Educational grants can be provided to Health Care Organisations (HCOs), such as hospitals and other institutions to support their staff’s congress participation.

If you are interested in receiving such funding, please reach out to your industry contacts directly.

CIRSE has also received educational grants. 

How can I receive an educational grant to attend CIRSE 2018?

Medical professionals interested in attending CIRSE 2018 and in need of financial support may apply to receive an educational grant by filling out the form below.

Please note that only a limited number of grants are available. Applications should therefore be sent as soon as possible. The application deadline is Monday, June 4 2018, 23:59 CET.  All applications will be subject to an independent reviewing process and applicants notified in due course. Applications submitted after the June 4 deadline cannot be considered.

Successful applicants will be provided with financial support for

  • Congress Registration
  • Accommodation
    for up to 5 nights from September 21-26, 2018 not surpassing €250/night
  • Travel Expenses
    to and from Lisbon between the dates of September 21-26, 2018 not surpassing €500

IMPORTANT: In order to be eligible for reimbursement, all accommodation bookings must be made through our official housing partner Buzz DMC in cooperation with KUONI Congress. Reservations can be completed directly online using the booking tool or by sending an email to the address cirse2018@ch.kuoni.com.