Clinical Evaluation Courses

As IR continues to expand its impact on the future of medicine, it is vital that interventionalists truly be involved in each step of a patient’s treatment pathway across all realms of IR and IO. This is why CIRSE’s Scientific Programme Committee, headed by Fabrizio Fanelli and Thomas Kroencke, has developed a new session type designed to offer a step-by-step guide through the disease management of a variety of different maladies. This new feature is called Clinical Evaluation Courses.

These clinical-focused training sessions will include multidisciplinary teams made up of the essential experts who design a patient’s care pathway and offer the best diagnostic-therapeutic measures. The sessions will be discussions analysing themes from a diagnostic point of view, including pros and cons of different therapeutic options, considerations before, during and after the procedure, possible complications and, of course, the follow-up of the patient.

These courses will cover topics significant for daily IR practice, including interventional oncology, arterial interventions, embolisation, and non-vascular and neurointerventions.

Saturday, September 22

CEC 302 Hepatocellular carcinoma‚Äč
302.1 New guidelines for HCC diagnosis
  T.F. Jakobs (Munich/DE)
302.2 The hepatologist's point of view
  R. Tato Marinho (Lisbon/PT)
302.3 Ablative therapies
  F. Orsi (Milan/IT)
302.4 Intra-arterial therapy
  K. Malagari (Athens/GR)
302.5 Surgical option
  D. Ribero (Torino/IT)
302.6 HCC: from irresectable to chronic disease
  L. Crocetti (Pisa/IT)


CEC 604 Osteoporosis and vertebral fractures
604.1 Imaging work-up
  A. Feydy (Paris/FR)
604.2 Which patient for IR?
  N. Karunanithy (London/UK)
604.3 Percutaneous vertebroplasty
  K.E. Wilhelm (Bonn/DE)
604.4 Augmentation
  X. Buy (Bordeaux/FR)
604.5 Medical treatment
  J. Paccou (Lille/FR)
604.6 Mortality and complication risks after osteoporotic vertebral fractures
  A.D. Kelekis (Athens/GR)

Sunday, September 23

CEC 1004 Management of the poly-traumatised patient
1004.1 Patient management algorithm
  A. Vari (Rome/IT)
1004.2 Imaging work-up and patient selection for IR
  E. Kashef (London/UK)
1004.3 IR techniques for trauma management
  M. Bezzi (Rome/IT)
1004.4 Complications and management
  C. Nice (Newcastle-upon-Tyne/UK)
1004.5 Damage control surgery
  C. Pilasi Menichetti (London/UK)
1004.6 Results and outcome predictors
  C. Dodt (Munich/DE)


CEC 1401 Femoropopliteal disease in claudicants
1401.1 Clinical evaluation and physical examination
  C.S. Pena (Miami, FL/US)
1401.2 Best medical therapy and risk factors modification
  J.H. Rundback (Teanack, NJ/US)
1401.3 Supervised exercise therapy
  M.J.W. Koelemay (Amsterdam/NL)
1401.4 Indications and outcome of endovascular procedures
  C. Del Giudice (Paris/FR)
1401.5 Is bypass indicated in claudication?
  S. Michelagnoli (Florence/IT)
1401.6 Follow-up management and medical treatment
  J. Tacke (Passau/DE)

Monday, September 24

CEC 1803 Lung metastases
1803.1 Who needs biopsy before treatment?
  J. Ricke (Munich/DE)
1803.2 When to refer a patient to local treatment
  M. Fuchs (Munich/DE)
1803.3 SBRT 
  R. Sharma (London/UK)
1803.4 Surgical option
  D.J. Heineman (Amsterdam/NL)
1803.5 Ablative therapies
  J. Palussière (Bordeaux/FR)
1803.6 Follow-up imaging
  D.A. Woodrum (Rochester, MN/US)

Tuesday, September 25

CEC 2603 Kidney tumours
2603.1 Diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma: imaging and biopsies
  M.T. Gomes (Porto/PT)
2603.2 Actual guidelines for renal cell carcinoma
  D.J. Breen (Southampton/UK)
2603.3 Active surveillance
  A. Méjean (Paris/FR)
2603.4 Surgical option
  G. Siena (Florence/IT)
2603.5 Ablative therapies
  S.W. Stavropoulos (Philadelphia, PA/US)
2603.6 Follow-up imaging
  M. Gonsalves (London/UK)


CEC 2605 Essentials in IAT
2605.1 Clinical diagnosis
  B. Maia (Lisbon/PT)
2605.2 Standard patient selection
  J.A. Vos (Nieuwegein/NL)
2605.3 Adjusting selection based on DEFUSE and DAWN trials 
  E.R. Gizewski (Innsbruck/AT)
2605.4 Techniques for IAT of the anterior circulation
  S. Mangiafico (Florence/IT)
2605.5 Selection and techniques for the posterior circulation
  T. Engelhorn (Erlangen/DE)
2605.6 Follow-up management and LT results
  A. Berlis (Augsburg/DE)


CEC 3004 Prostate artery embolisation
3004.1 Imaging and treatment plan
  N.V. Costa (Lisbon/PT)
3004.2 Clinical overview
  A. Massmann (Homburg/DE)
3004.3 Anatomy and technique
  A.G. Rampoldi (Milan/IT)
3004.4 Image guidance for safe embolisation
  H. Kobeiter (Créteil/FR)
3004.5 Surgical outcome
  G. Siena (Florence/IT)
3004.6 Outcomes and follow-up
  R.E. Beasley (Miami Beach, FL/US)