Safe sedation application during IR procedures

This practical workshop will give participants the opportunity to perform procedural sedation in a simulated environment and inform them on the most common respiratory problems during procedural sedation, as well as which instruments are available to make these interventions safer.

The simulation set-up consists of a full-scale patient simulator with capnography, BIS Monitoring and TIVA/TCI pumps. Participants will perform these therapies under the supervision of AQAI’s experienced trainers.

Learning objectives
• To apply procedural sedation using different approaches
• To identify complications and challenges during procedural sedation
• To judge on the value of various monitoring technologies
• To recognise the additional value of capnography during sedation


Sunday, September 23  
SED 1 16:30-18:00


Monday, September 24  
SED 2 08:15-09:45
SED 3 12:45-14:15
SED 4 16:30-18:00


Tuesday, September 25  
SED 5 08:15-09:45
SED 6 12:45-14:15

‚ÄčCoordinators: M. Heinrichs (Mainz/DE), W. Heinrichs (Mainz/DE)
Location: Room 5.E

How to participate:

All delegates wishing to participate in a Safe Sedation Training are kindly requested to go to the room within 90 minutes prior to the start of the session. You will receive a ticket which will enable you to participate in that specific training session and you will need to present this at the entrance of the room before your session starts. Please note that tickets are limited and given on a first come, first served basis.

Participation will be free of charge. However, as Safe Sedation Training sessions offer practical medical training, participation is for qualified medical professionals only.